My Complete Wedding Package includes:

  • Pre-planning meeting at no charge

The purpose of this meeting is to see if we are “a good fit” to work together.

  • Providing pre-marital discussion materials, survey & follow-up.
  • Building the wedding ceremony: 2-3 planning meetings in person, by phone, Facetime or Skype with frequent e-mail follow-ups.
  • Scripting the ceremony
  • Overseeing the rehearsal
  • Officiating at the ceremony
  • Preparation of up to 30 black & white wedding programs (optional).  Color programs or more than 30 black & white programs, provided at cost
  • Completion, copying & mailing of marriage license
  • Providing a keepsake copy of the ceremony

My fee is based on the complexity of the ceremony, size of the wedding party, venue and additional services provided.

  • Services begin at $100 for the Elopement Package.
  • Services for a complete wedding package (see above) are $400.
  • Following the pre-planning meeting, a signed Wedding Reservation Form and $100 non-refundable deposit are required to hold your rehearsal and wedding dates on my calendar.

Additional charges (i.e. travel, overnight accommodations) may apply to destination weddings and those outside of the Rochester, NY or Inverness, FL areas.

References are available upon request.

You can write your own vows, personally select religious or non-religious readings, share poems, and include your favorite music. 

You can include Candles of Remembrance and/or Candles of Honor. Your ceremony can include vows with children.

You can choose alternative or spiritual options such as a Hand-wrapping Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles, Water Ceremony, Rock Ceremony, Flower Ceremony, Infinity Knot Ceremony or any other cultural or symbolic ceremony that is meaningful to you.

There are no rules. Your ceremony will be personally created to reflect the two of YOU! 


Destination Weddings


Destination Weddings have become very popular as family and friends can roll a vacation or visit to some picturesque place, into attending a wedding. The event can last from a few days to many days and can include a variety of activities for the guests and wedding party.

It is often a complicated process to be legally married outside the United States. One way couples deal with that is to have a very small civil ceremony (requiring a marriage license) in the US immediately before or after the destination wedding. 

A Destination Wedding requires the most advanced and complicated planning of any wedding scenario. All guests need to arrange travel and lodging, ground transportation while at the destination, all travel documents must be current, health and safety issues must be considered for all attending guests, arrangements for the rehearsal and wedding venues must be made and a celebrant must be engaged from the destination or come as part of the wedding party. 

Decorations, gifts and other accessories must be packed or shipped to the wedding site and dealt with after the ceremony is over. 

A Destination Wedding can be one of the most memorable and beautiful events in which people will take part, but it requires superb planning and organization! Because I have been part of several Destination Weddings I can certainly share those experiences with you but all of the planning, expense and execution belongs to the bride and groom and their families!


Wedding Packages

Elopment Package $100

Bride, groom, two witnesses and not more than 6 guests. 

One pre-meeting, ceremony

​Filing of license

 Basic Wedding Package $150

Bride, groom, two witnesses and up to 20 guests

One pre-meeting, rehearsal, ceremony

Keepsake copy of service

​Filing of license

Enhanced Wedding Package $250

Bride, groom, two witnesses

Wedding party and up to 50 guests

Two pre-meetings, rehearsal, ceremony,
Keepsake copy of ceremony

​Filing of license


Complete Wedding Package $400

See tab above for details

Other Celebrant Services


Funeral Celebrant

Her credentials

Teresa Schreiber Werth is a certified funeral celebrant through the In-sight Institute & NYS Funeral Directors Association and has been officiating at funerals for more than 35 years. She is not affiliated with any religious order or spiritual group and is all encompassing in welcoming you to plan a funeral ceremony that is reflective of the lifestyle and personality of the deceased. She will dedicate her time to working closely with you and your family to help write and officiate at a funeral ceremony/memorial service/celebration of life/graveside committal that gives dignity and honor to the person who has passed away and allows family and friends to grieve in a way that is right for them.

What is a funeral celebrant?

A Funeral Celebrant is a person who is specifically trained and certified,* who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. They serve by providing a funeral service/memorial service/celebration of life/graveside committal that is personalized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased.

Today you have the choice to celebrate the life of a loved one and mourn the passing of their spirit in a way which is appropriate, unique and personal.

For many years, families were only offered the options of a religious funeral in a church or the alternative service at a funeral home. However, Independent Celebrants like Teresa Schreiber Werth offer the option to involve your personal preferences and beliefs, stories and family traditions when saying farewell; whether religious, non-religious, spiritual, or humanistic.

Her services

Teresa is honored to offer her funeral services/memorial services/celebration of life services or graveside committal to any bereaved family who has recently lost a loved one or to those who may wish to inter ashes of a person who has been deceased for some time.  She is experienced in working with funeral directors and co-celebrants, in churches, funeral homes, mausoleums and non-traditional venues for memorial services, interment of ashes or celebrations of life. 

She prides herself on being able to provide a personally written ceremony script that is meaningful, celebratory, sympathetic, and honorable in representing the deceased and their grieving family. She is experienced with funerals for veterans.

The process

In order to write an appropriate script, Teresa receives basic information from the funeral director. She then meets with the family or close friends for approximately two hours to listen to stories, ask questions, select readings, music, prayers, speakers and discern the most relevant information about the deceased, to be included in the service. She may need to contact a family member for further information or clarification in order to complete the script for the service. She has a vast library of resources to share.

She will offer the opportunity to have a printed program created for the service that can include readings, prayers and photographs. The family pays seperately for this service.

The family will receive a Keepsake Copy of the funeral service. Funeral fee is $200 plus expenses. 

She considers it an honor to work with a family and shepherd them through this difficult time.

Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony is a perfect way to introduce your friends and loved ones to the newest member of your family.

Teresa Schreiber Werth is honored to assist any family welcoming a new child into their life through the celebration of a Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony.

Whether brought together through birth, adoption, or marriage, Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies offer a beautiful opportunity to welcome any child or children into your world. It is a ceremony designed to signify your union as a family.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony allows you an opportunity as a parent or parents, to declare your life long commitment to your child or children. You can also ask close relatives and chosen friends to confirm their role in the child’s upbringing, and commit to the promise to nurture and guide the child as they journey through life.

A Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony offers you the opportunity to officially celebrate the naming of your child, and give significance to the name you have chosen for them to carry in this world.

What’s included?

Teresa will meet with you and your family a few weeks before, to discuss your plans for the ceremony and begin writing your ceremony script.

You will be guided by Teresa throughout the ceremony writing process, and will have the option to include poems, readings and music of your choice.

You have the option to include friends and family in your ceremony, by appointing your child with their chosen Godparents and asking them to make a vow of commitment to their role in your child’s upbringing.

You will also have the option to include items such as water, candles, memory boxes, and gemstones – or any other symbolic element that is meaningful to you.

You can make as many revisions to your ceremony script as necessary. Together, we will create a service that is an authentic representation of your feelings about this important occasion.

On the day of the ceremony, Teresa will join you early enough to conduct a brief rehearsal, before officiating your Baby Blessing or Naming Ceremony in front of family and friends.

Afterwards, you will be presented with a keepsake copy of your ceremony script and a certificate to treasure forever.

Fee is $100. Travel expenses may be added dependent on location.

Wedding Vow Renewal

A ceremony to renew marriage vows can be simple and take place in a church, backyard or living room​​ with family gathered around or it can be an elaborate celebration on a cruise ship with a large group of family and friends! I have done both! Either way, together we plan what you would like to include in the ceremony, who you would like to participate and what special activities, music, and readings you want to have. Every Vow Renewal is unique!

Fee for a Vow Renewal starts at $150 depending on complexity, time and  travel.

House Blessing

A house blessing may be invoked to bring good fortune into a new or existing home and to secure the safety, health and happiness of everyone who lives there.  It is written specifically for each home and family and includes those elements important to them such as: readings, prayers, music, candles, incense, water, flowers, and any other elements they choose. It can be based on religious or spiritual beliefs or simply be an occasion to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter in a family's life in a new home. All family members including pets can be a part of a House Blessing. One planning meeting is held to determine the basic outline of the ceremony. The time and date are set. Extended family and friends may be invited and may participate.  Fee for a House Blessing is $100.