Ideas to consider...

It’s your big day… what you need to consider to make it perfect!

 Find a celebrant who is supportive of your lifestyle choices and beliefs

I  believe that your love and commitment are the most important  prerequisites for a meaningful wedding ceremony. Because I am a  non-denominational celebrant, your ceremony can be religious  (incorporating any faith tradition), spiritual, or humanist. I will ask  questions, learn about you as a couple and make suggestions. YOU will make the decisions!

Set the tone for your ceremony

Some  people want the wedding to be a joyful ceremony, others want it to be a  solemn occasion. What do you want? I do not officiate at “cookie  cutter” weddings. I will help you create a ceremony that is personal,  unique and memorable.

Be inclusive and considerate of each other’s beliefs

You  will want to take into consideration the religious traditions or life  views of the bride, groom and both of your families. If you are of  different faiths or spiritual beliefs, it is important to be inclusive  and considerate of each other’s beliefs. I will help you find ways to  balance everyone’s needs and share options for special additions to your  ceremony.  

Create a ceremony that reflects who you are

You  want your wedding ceremony to reflect the two of you. What do you think  about life and love? What is your spiritual perspective? You may want  this most important moment in your life to reflect your core beliefs,  your truest feelings. In the course of our planning, we will talk about  your beliefs, your history, your dreams and your feelings about each  other and your future.

Remember that a ceremony built on your  values, beliefs, and dreams will speak eloquently about your hopes for  your life together.

A wedding happens in a day. A successful  marriage happens over a lifetime. When the words of your ceremony  reflect the commitment you have for each other, you express the  expectations you have for your future. A wedding is formally choosing a  trusted partner with whom you commit to building that future. I will ask  you to choose all the words of your ceremony carefully since they are  the foundation of the promises you will make to each other. Your  involvement in the process of creating your ceremony is important  because it is the public expression of your intent for the future!